Private healthcare
in Halland

Prästgårdskliniken's doctor's office is a private alternative to a regular health center. We are not connected to public care, therefore, our prices are higher compared in coparison to health centers. The big advantage, however, is that you always see the same doctor at each visit and get the time you need every appointment. This creates a personal and trusting relationship between patient and doctor.

Sign a private specialist care agreement

If you need to see a doctor more often, it may be more cost-effective to sign a care agreement with us, which means that for a low annual cost you have free access to visits and medical advice. You will also receive the medications that you have been prescribed in the past. As a contract patient, your health check-ups are also discounted.

Prästgårdskliniken Privatläkare i Göteborg - Privat sjukvård

High blood pressure and diabetes

Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes? We do regular blood pressure and blood sugar checks for both older and younger people. These visits are heavily discounted compared to regular doctor visits. Sampling, counseling and a year's prescription are included.

Contact us for more information about private healthcare

Feel free to contact us directly if you want more information about the private healthcare we offer.


Om att bli avtalspatient på Prästgårdskliniken

Alltid samma läkare – Din egen, fria besök och medicinsk rådgivning, utan att behöva vänta och på tider som passar dig: 2 700 kr/år