Here you will find prices for our surveys and services. For companies, 25% VAT is added for health checks, certificates, rehabilitation and so on, which does not include healthcare. If you are looking for a price of something that is not listed here, you are welcome to Contact us.

Doctor's visit

  • Doctor's visit, non-contract patients: SEK 600 (excl. blood samples, x-rays, etc.)
  • Specialist care agreement for the whole year: SEK 2,700 (free visits for one year, an initial general medical examination is offered, cost prices for other tests)
  • Blood pressure or blood sugar checks, per visit: 300 :-(without other medical questions, incl. sampling, counseling and prescription. Prescription issued for one year)

Prescription renewal

If you are already a patient with us and only wish to renew your prescription, you can do so here.


  • Health examination KOMPLETT - contract patient: SEK 2,000
  • Health examination KOMPLETT - non contract patient: SEK 2,600
  • Health examination BAS - contract patient: SEK 1,000
  • Health examination BAS - non contract patient: SEK 1,600
  • Health examination FATIGUE: SEK 1,700
  • Health examination ACTIVE: SEK 2,000
  • Health examination BEFORE COMPETITION: SEK 2,800
  • Health examination SENIOR: SEK 1,800:-
  • Health examination PREGNANT: SEK 1,800
  • Health examinations for companies and staff: Contact us for a quote

All health examinations include a medical examination by a doctor, sampling, counseling, and reporting of test results. For further information on which samples are included, see health examinations.

There is an additional cost for sampling in addition to those stated on the page for health examinations . Ask us about Health examination PLUS.

Prästgårdskliniken Privatläkare i Göteborg - Hälsoundersökningar

Other examinations and certificates according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority (AFS 2005:6 and later)

  • Driving license, application and renewal in all classes (also CDE, taxi) incl. vision test (electronic reporting): SEK 950
  • Alcohol lock application to the Swedish Transport Agency incl. certificate, drug tests and blood samples (CDT and G-GT): SEK 3,000
  • Drug test complete with 5 urine analyses (amf, THC, opiate, benzo, cocaine): SEK 1,200. Cost of certificate to the Swedish Transport Agency: SEK 550
  • Drug test complete acc. above incl. blood samples (CDT and G-GT) and certificate: SEK 2,350
  • Blood samples alcohol markers (CDT, G-GT): SEK 800
  • Work or studies abroad: 950 :- Possibly. chest X-ray, vaccinations, and PPD (tuberculosis test) are added
  • Tramway staff (train drivers, etc.): SEK 2,800 Cost of drug test, blood samples (CDT, G-GT) additional
  • Diving examination, free time: SEK 950
  • Diving examination including spirometry excluding work ECG: SEK 1,980
  • Diving survey, professional diving work acc. AFS 2019:3/EDTC including spirometry and work ECG: SEK 2,750
  • Smoke and chemical diving, incl. spirometry and work ECG: SEK 2,750
  • Certificate for food employees: SEK 1,000
  • High-altitude work/mast and pole certificate acc. AFS 2019:3 or later: SEK 2,750
  • Adoption including testing (HIV): SEK 1,100, excluding testing: SEK 950
  • Coach certificate/trotting license: SEK 1,100
  • Disability certificate insurance matters: SEK 2,500
  • Certificate when taking out new insurance including possible sampling: SEK 2,500
  • Hard plastic certificate: SEK 1,320
  • Asbestos certificate: SEK 1,820, including X-ray
  • Night work: SEK 1,100
  • Radiological work: health examination SEK 1,250, periodic check-up: SEK 950
  • Sailors: SEK 1,250
  • Offshore Norwegian continental shelf: NOK 2,200
  • Work test on ergometer cycle with EKG only: SEK 750 (for those who exercise, recreational divers, etc.)

Individual samples and examinations

  • Metabolism (thyroid samples): SEK 350
  • PSA test (prostate): SEK 350
  • Blood sugar: SEK 100
  • Blood value: 100
  • Blood pressure: SEK 100
  • ECG at rest: SEK 300
  • Spirometry: SEK 200
  • Measurement of subcutaneous fat, body fat (visceral fat), muscle mass, basal metabolism, height, weight, BMI, and waist measurement: SEK 300
  • PPD (tuberculosis test): SEK 550


Occupational health care

Unlike the larger occupational health care companies, we sign agreements based on your own needs at the company, without framework agreements. Contact us, to discuss what you need in occupational health care for your company!

With us you can, among other things, sign:
  • A company health care agreement
  • Availability agreement (advice, consultation)
  • Specialist care agreement for companies and employees (everything in healthcare, treatment, investigation)

Prices according to quotation.


Read more about our Vaccinations.

Price per dose

  • TBE adult SEK 450 child SEK 400 including advice
  • Influenza: >65 years: SEK 60, <65 years: SEK 200
  • Jaundice (hepatitis A) Havrix, adult NOK 435 children 0-15 years NOK 320 including travel advice
  • Jaundice (hepatitis B) Engerix, adult NOK 380 children 0-15 years NOK 350 including travel advice
  • Jaundice Twinrix (hepatitis A+B): adult: SEK 650, child 0-15 years: SEK 500 incl. travel advice
  • Dukoral: SEK 500 (vaccine is prescribed on prescription at the visit)
  • Tetanus: SEK 425
  • Boostrix Polio: SEK 425
  • Chickenpox: SEK 800
  • Shingles: SEK 300 (vaccine is prescribed by prescription before the visit)

Get in touch with us

You can easily get in touch with us at Contact us.

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Prescription renewal

If you are already a patient with us and only want to renew your prescription, you can do so in this way: Three simple steps or 2 if you are a contract patient...


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